Our Faculty

ANFS - Animal & Food Sciences
BREG - Bioresource & Engineering
CoopExt - Cooperative Extension
ENWC - Entomology & Wildlife Conservation
FREC - Applied Economics & Statistics
PLSC - Plant & Soil Sciences
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Abasht, BehnamAssistant ProfessorANFS(302)
Alphin, Robert LInstructorANFS(302)
Awokuse, Titus OChairperson and ProfessorAPEC(302)
Bais, Harsh PalAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Balascio, Carmine CAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Bartlett, Charles RAssociate ProfessorENWC(302)
Barton, Susan SAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Benson, Eric RAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Bernard, John CProfessorAPEC(302)
Bowman, Jacob LChairperson and ProfessorENWC(302)
Brannick, ErinAssistant ProfessorANFS(302)
Bruck, Julie LehmanAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Buler, JeffreyAssistant ProfessorENWC(302)
Chen, HaiqiangAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Chirnside, AnastasiaAssistant ProfessorENWC(302)
Cogburn III, Larry AProfessorANFS(302)
Delaney, Deborah A.Assistant ProfessorENWC(302)
Donofrio, Nicole MAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302) 831-2531ndonof@UDel.Edu
Duke, Joshua MProfessorAPEC(302)
Dyer, Robert MAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Eggermont, Paul PProfessorAPEC(302)
Emara, Marlene GAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Evans, Thomas AProfessorPLSC(302)
Frett, John JProfessorPLSC(302)
Frey, DavidAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Fuhrmann, Jeffry JProfessorPLSC(302)
Gelb Jr., JackChairpersonANFS(302)
Glancey, James LawrenceAssociate ProfessorBREG(302)
Green, Pamela JCrawford H Greenwalt ProfessorPLSC(302)
Gressley, TanyaAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Griffiths, Lesa GProfessorANFS(302)
Hastings, Steven EProfessor & Associate ChairAPEC(302)
Henry, Arba L.InstructorAPEC(302)
Hoover, Dallas GProfessorANFS(302)
Hough-Goldstein, J AProfessorENWC(302)
Hyde, Rhonda AullAssociate ProfessorAPEC(302)
Ilvento, Thomas WProfessorAPEC(302)
Inamdar, ShreeramProfessorPLSC(302)
Isaacs, Mark AAssistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Jaisi, DebAssistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Jin, YanProfessorPLSC(302)
Joerger, Rolf DAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Johnson, Gordon C.Assistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Keeler Jr., Calvin LProfessorANFS(302)
Kitto, Sherry LProfessorPLSC(302)
Kniel, KaliAssociate ProfessorANFS(302)
Krishnan, PalaniappaAssociate ProfessorAPEC(302)
Kung Jr., LiminS. Hallock du Pont Professor of Animal ScienceANFS(302)
Lariccia, VincentProfessorAPEC(302)
Lee, Jong-SooAssistant ProfessorAPEC(302)
Lee, Jung-YounAssociate ProfessorPLSC(302)
Li, HongAssistant ProfessorANFS(302)
Lyons, RobertDirector and ProfessorPLSC(302)
Mackenzie, John E AAssociate ProfessorAPEC(302)
Mason, Charles EProfessorENWC(302)
McCarthy, Kyle PatrickAssistant ProfessorENWC(302)
Messer, KentAssociate ProfessorAPEC(302)
Meyers, Blake CChairperson, Ed/Eliz Goodman Rosenberg ProfessorPLSC(302)
Morgan, Robin WProfessorANFS(302)
Nelson, Patricia TProfessorAPEC(302)
Parcells, Mark StevenProfessorANFS(302)
Pesek, John DAssociate Professor & Director of Graduate ProgramsAPEC(302)
Pizzolato, Thompson DProfessorPLSC(302)
Rejto, Lidia KProfessorAPEC(302)
Ritter, William FProfessorENWC(302)
Scarborough, James NAssociate ProfessorBREG(302)
Schmidt, Carl JProfessorANFS(302)
Seitz, Janice AAssoc DeanCoopExt(302)
Seyfferth, Angelia L. Assistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Sherrier, JanineActing Deputy Dean and ProfessorPLSC(302)
Shober, AmyAssistant Professor PLSC(302)
Shriver, GregAssociate ProfessorENWC(302)
Sims, James ThomasProfessorPLSC(302)
Sisofo, Dianne FarinaAssistant ProfessorAPEC(302)
Snider, O SueProfessorANFS(302)
Sparks, Donald LewisS. Hallock du Pont ProfessorPLSC(302)
Tallamy, Douglas WProfessorENWC(302)
Tilmon, H DonProfessorAPEC(302)
Toensmeyer, Ulrich CProfessorAPEC(302)
VanGessel, Mark JProfessorPLSC(302)
Vargas, RodrigoAssistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Vasilas, Bruce LarueProfessorPLSC(302)
Williams, Christopher KAssociate ProfessorENWC(302)
Wisser, Randall J.Assistant ProfessorPLSC(302)
Wommack, K EricProfessorPLSC(302)
Wu, ChangqingAssistant ProfessorANFS(302)