Longwood Graduate Program Annual Symposium

The Symposium requires over six months of planning and draws upon the talents of all ten Longwood Graduate Fellows. Topic, title, speakers, marketing strategies, and all other aspects of the day are determined and coordinated by the Fellows.

Responsibility for planning and executing the Symposium are divided among several committees. Below is a list of the Fellows serving on each committee as well as a few of their main responsibilities.

Symposium Leader:

Laurie Metzger

Organizes and oversees the Symposium planning meetings. Directs group planning and decision. Is responsible for the Symposium budget.

Speakers Committee:

Lindsey Kerr (Chair), Gary Shanks, and Sarah Leach Smith

Researches and recommends potential speakers. Serves as primary contact for all speakers. Assists with travel arrangements for speakers.

Marketing Committee:

Chunying Ling (Chair), Kevin Philip Williams, and Bryan Thompsonowak

Creates Symposium branding and develops promotional strategies. Responsible for advertisements, save-the-date card, and brochure as well as develops and maintains the Symposium website.

Guest Relations Committee:

Sara Helm Wallace (Chair and Assistant Symposium Leader)

Coordinates the menu and the day-of logistics at Longwood Gardens. Manages registrations and communications with registrants and develops and processes the attendee evaluations.

Sponsorship Committee:

Joshua Darfler(Co-Chair), Felicia Chua(Co-Chair)

Oversees sponsorship campaign for the Symposium. Is charged with Securing sponsorship for the Symposium. Organizes all donor communication, recognition, and benefits.

Green Efforts

Another aspect of the Longwood Graduate Program is our internal Environmental Impact Team. Led by Laurie Meztger and Chunying Ling, Fellows coordinate implementation of environmentally-friendly practices for all Program activities.