Board and Committee Positions

During the second year of the Program, Fellows are given the opportunity to serve on executive boards and committees associated with local botanical gardens and environmental non-profits. These opportunities provide invaluable lessons in non-profit governance and operations. In most of the positions, the students occupy a one-year non-voting position on the board or committee, and actively participate in the organization. This list is a compilation of the currently available positions.

Tyler Arboretum Board Member

The Tyler Arboretum, located in Media, PA, is one of America's oldest public horticulture institutions with several well-recognized plant collections and educational opportunities. The participating Fellow observes the Board of Trustees and has the opportunity to observe one of the board committees of special interest. Special projects of mutual interest to the student and Tyler Arboretum are also possible over the term of one year.

Laurie Metzger - Class of 2014
Sara Levin - Class of 2013
James Hearsum - Class of 2012
Dongah Shin - Class of 2011

Delaware Center for Horticulture Board Member

The Delaware Center for Horticulture (DCH) is an institution dedicated to improving the quality of life in Delaware by promoting knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture and conservation. The participating Fellow observes budget, fundraising, general operations, and many other activities associated with the operation of DCH. The participating Fellow is encouraged to serve on one of the board committees.

Seat Currently Empty
Quill Teal-Sullivan - Class of 2013
Aubree Davis - Class of 2012
Laura Aschenbeck - Class of 2011

Image courtesy of the Delaware Center for Horticulture Archives

Public Programs Committee at the Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, PA. and strives to promote an understanding of the relationship between plants, people, and place through programs that integrate science, art, and the humanities. One seat on the Public Programs Committee is available to a Fellow.

Chunying Ling - Class of 2014
Nate Tschaenn- Class of 2013
Ashby Leavell - Class of 2012
Rebecca Pineo - Class of 2011

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens Advisory Board Member

The University of Delaware Botanic Gardens (UDBG) traces its roots back to the late 1950ís with the planting of specimen trees and shrubs around Townsend Hall at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). Today, UDBG is a series of twelve gardens on fifteen acres and continues to be used by faculty, students, Green Industry professionals, and the public, and serves a primary role in supporting CANR programs in horticulture, plant science, entomology, wildlife ecology, plant pathology, and landscape design. One seat is available to a Fellow who will attend all Advisory Board meetings as well as serve on one or more standing committees.

Seat Currently Empty
Martin Smit - Class of 2013
Felicia Yu - Class of 2012
Zoe Panchen - Class of 2011

Delaware Nature Society

Founded in 1964, the Delaware Nature Society is the pre-eminent non-profit environmental organization in the state. This position has been well earned through its long-term and consistently active preservation, conservation and advocacy programs. The participating Fellow participates in all Board meetings and is encouraged to join one or two Board committees; involvement in special projects is also available to the participating Fellow.

Joshua Darfler - Class of 2014
Abby Johnson/Wonsoon Park - Class of 2013
Raakel Toppila - Class of 2012
Kate Baltzell - Class of 2011

Image courtesy of the Delaware Nature Society. Photo by Kerry Harrison

Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids

A young non-profit,Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids for Healthy Kids (HFHK) was established in 2008. HFHK works with Delaware schools to start vegetable gardening programs that are integrated into the science curriculum and that operate during the academic year. Each spring and fall, HFHK partner schools experience "seed-to-table" growing, and every student is involved in hands-on gardening lessons that support content standards. The participating Fellow attends the monthly board meetings and is encouraged to join committees and volunteer at events.

Lindsey Kerr - Class of 2014