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Creamery FAQS


How is your ice cream made?


Milk from our dairy farm is shipped to Hy-Point Dairy in Wilmington, DE. From there, our milk is pasteurized, homogenized, and made into a thickened ice cream base. This base is sent back to our Creamery facility, where it is flavored, frozen, incorporated with ingredients, and packaged.

Our base contains Homogenized milk and cream, sugar, stabilizers, and emulsifiers.

Because the base contains sugar, the Creamery does not sell "sugar-free" ice creams. We do sell "no sugar added" flavors, but those are not made on site. The base used for those flavors is different than the one we order from Cumberland. The sugar content in NSA ice cream is equivalent to the sugar content in whole milk.


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Why isn't the UDairy Creamery located on Main Campus?


Because the creamery is an integral part of the UD dairy farm, and the teaching and research programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), this location will allow students and faculty to have easy access to be able to participate in all of the stages of the ice cream making and distribution process, all the way from the cow to the cone. To learn more about the UD Dairy Farm visit


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What did it cost to build the Creamery?

It cost about $800,000 to build the Creamery store and processing facility. This project was possible because of the Creamery received a $400,000 grant from the Unidel foundation. The other half of the total cost was made up of private gifts and funds provided by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

How is the Creamery funded?


The Creamery is funded by a grant from the UNIDEL foundation and private donations.


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Where can I buy ice cream?


Other than our storefront, our ice cream is currently available in all dining halls. Additionally, UDairy Creamery ice cream is available in all of the on-campus markets, food courts, and the University of Delaware bookstore. We are also present at the University football games. Our Moo Mobile is parked in the fan zone and 8oz cups are sold inside the stadium. Additionally, we are at every men’s and women’s basketball games serving ice cream.

Bulk ice cream (2.5 gallon tubs) are available for purchase groups/entities on a case by case basis.  Bulk ice cream purchase must be requested at least two weeks prior to the event.  Visit for more information.


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Where is the UDairy Creamery?


The UDairy Creamery is located on south campus in between Townsend Hall (Map) and the Fred Rust Ice Arena.  Because the creamery is an integral part of the UD dairy farm, and the teaching and research programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this location will allow students and faculty to have easy access to be able to participate in all of the stages of the ice cream making and distribution process, all the way from the cow to the cone.  The location is immediately adjacent to a UD shuttle bus stop. The UDairy Creamery is open for business all year round with seasonal hours.


At the storefront, we will sell individual scoops, pints, half gallons, 2.5-gallon containers, as well as cakes.
Where do I go to make a gift to the Creamery?

To make your gift to the UDairy Creamery, please visit our Be sure to note "UDairy Creamery" in the "other" designation. Gifts support student internships and other teaching related activities.

For more information on donating to the Creamery or to learn about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Rob M. Rudd
Senior Director of Development for Colleges and Programs


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Where does the money that the UDairy Creamery makes go?

The UD Creamery is a non-profit organization. All the proceeds go directly back into the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for our teaching programs.


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How are students involved with the creamery?

The Creamery Student Management Team is composed of four undergraduate students. These students are responsible for developing the UDairy Creamery as an independent and sustainable business. 

Students in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences as well as the Department of Food and Resource Economics, both housed at the CANR, have helped with the initial stages of the creamery. Students were heavily involved in the development of the creamery’s business plan. 

Students in animal science classes are exposed to the UDairy farming operation.  Food science students learn about food safety and food processing.  Food and agribusiness management students look at the business and economics end of farm and food production.  Students also learn about the science of milk production and the environmental sustainability of dairy operations (nutrient management, water quality protection, etc.)  We envision that students not only in the CANR, but through other programs at UD (i.e. hotel, restaurant, and institutional management; business, engineering, etc.) will connect with the creamery through class work and real-world, hands-on experience. 

The employees that you see scooping at the store are University of Delaware students from all colleges including the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. We use the UDairy Creamery as a teaching facility for our employees as well as various academic programs throughout the University. We also employ some high school students from the local community.

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What is sold at the Creamery besides ice cream?


We sell merchandise from the College, such as honey (from our apiary), wool blankets, and scants of yarn (from our sheep). We also sell UDairy merchandise, including polos, t-shirts, and hats


The UDairy Creamery does not sell food, but we do sell coffee, water, and soft drinks. If you’re hungry for a full meal, the Fred Rust Ice Arena is located nearby and sells a variety of food options.
Does the UDairy Creamery accept the University of Delaware's meals, points, or flex?
The UDairy Creamery is happy to accept UD's flex, but does not accept meals or points.
Can we have a tour of the Creamery/dairy/etc.?

The UDairy Creamery is an active ice cream production facility. Due to health code reasons, we do not allow tours through the Creamery. Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, both for the safety of humans and our livestock, the operating areas of the farm are also not open to the public. We are delighted that you have an interest in College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and our dairy program, but we also want to make sure that everything is done according to protocol and the safety of your students and our animals.

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Want to know more about our cows?


We have 100 head of Holstein Dairy Cattle usually 70-90 cows are being milked at a time. The other 10-30 are dry, which means they are not producing milk.  A milking cow can make 120lbs of milk during their peak production time; that’s almost 14 gallons of milk a day! A cow can only produce milk after having a calf and she can produce for 305 days or more off of 1 baby. Our cows are milked on campus in our own milking parlor. Here up we can milk up to 16 cows at one time.
Are the cows that make the milk for the ice cream treated differently than the other cows on the farm?

All cows on the UDairy Farm are milked twice a day. The milk is stored in a tank at the farm, where it is picked up by Hy-Point Dairy and shipped off site every other day. The milk is used to make our ice cream and is a blend of all of the cows being milked at that time.

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Are the cows that produce UDairy Creamery ice cream grass fed?

The University of Delaware Dairy Farm produces most of the forage that the milking cows consume. The cows graze on grass pasture when weather and the nutritional demands of the cows allow for it. The cows are also fed silage, a blend of fermented grass and/or corn plants, which is grown and produced on the 350 acre College of Agriculture and Natural Resource farm.  The cows are also fed some supplemental grain, a very small component of their overall diet.


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Where do I park, what should I do if I get a ticket, group parking, etc.?

Customers may take advantage of 15 minute parking spots located at the first row in front of the Fred Rust Ice Arena directly across from the Creamery. Also, in the summer, parking in front of the entire ice arena is free. If you get a ticket, please see parking service at 147 Perkins Student Center, visit, or call (302) 831-1184.

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